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Getting Used To Your Hearing Aids

Have you ever had to blink back or cover your eyes when you see a bright light? This happens because your eyes were not accustomed to the intense stimuli. The same thing can happen when someone first gets hearing aids, but instead of light, it is sound that is overstimulated or uncomfortable.

Many people who need hearing aids are not prepared for the discomfort of exposure to normal sounds. There is a definite adjustment period when you first get your hearing aids.

It is very important that you make an effort to get through this initial adjustment period to begin using your hearing aids effectively. This quick guide will provide information on how to get used to a hearing aid.

Proper Fit Matters

Sometimes, hearing aid discomfort is a result of a poorly fitted device. When you are having your hearing aids fitted, it is essential that you speak up if the fit is uncomfortable. If the device does not fit properly, it will not work effectively for you.

The fit of the device will not only affect how it feels in your ear, but it can also affect how well it works at helping you hear.

A well-fitted device cannot be felt in the ear at all. At first, you may obviously notice there is something in your ear, but it definitely should not hurt.

Proper Training

Another aspect of hearing aid use that will affect your adjustment period will be the training you receive from your audiologist on how to use the device. You need to be comfortable using the device before you take it home. Be sure to ask lots of questions if you are confused or have concerns.

When you leave your doctor’s office with the new device, you should be able to put it in and take it out yourself successfully. It is very easy to get frustrated with a new device you cannot operate and simply give up. Don’t let this happen. Keep practicing with the device and your audiologist until you are comfortable using it.

Be Prepared for an Adjustment

You need to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that you will hear new sounds and sounds at a new volume. How long does it take to get used to a hearing aid? This can vary from person to person. The important thing is that you remind yourself that an adjustment period is normal.

The best way to get adjusted to these new sounds is by wearing your hearing aids pretty much all the time at first. Even if this is odd or weird to you, your ears and brain will adjust far more quickly if you simply do this for a few days rather than putting them in and taking them out often.

The only time you should take the aids out would be if they were going to get wet.