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What Should I Know Before Testing For A Hearing Aid? 

When it comes to testing for a hearing aid, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. This way, you can get the most accurate results and have a positive experience.  Be Prepared  You don’t need to cram for your hearing test, but there are a few things you can do that […]

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What Is Sound Pressure Level Testing?

To measure sound, a sound level meter uses a detector to separate the oscillating pressure from stead (barometric) pressure. The amplitude of the pressure is then squared and averaged over a time period. The sound pressure level is then converted to decibels. In the logarithmic scale, 0 dB is the lowest sound pressure level that […]

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Getting Used To Your Hearing Aids

Have you ever had to blink back or cover your eyes when you see a bright light? This happens because your eyes were not accustomed to the intense stimuli. The same thing can happen when someone first gets hearing aids, but instead of light, it is sound that is overstimulated or uncomfortable. Many people who […]

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When To Retune Your Hearing Aid

The average lifespan of a standard hearing aid is approximately three to seven years. How well you handle and maintain the hearing aid during that period will determine how long it lasts. Your hearing aid will be programmed to your hearing profile. From time to time, that hearing aid will need to be fine-tuned to […]

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Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips: How To Care for Your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are modern marvels and can often restore or improve hearing. Hearing aids have also come a long way since they were introduced, and they’re often more effective and easier to care for compared to past units. That said, following proper hearing aid maintenance tips can ensure better hearing and reduce the risk of […]

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