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Welcome To Hearing Aids Of Texas
Hearing Aids of Texas, a locally business owned and operated by the Gaenslen family since 1944. Today, George Gaenslen (3rd Generation Hearing Aid Dispenser) runs what many people consider to be the best hearing aid shop in town!  George has over 43 years of hearing aids experience. You can trust his expertise, and his commitment to help you hear better!

Are you losing some of these consonants in speech?  Do you have to concentrate a little bit more on what is being said that perhaps you used to?  According to George Gaenslen of Hearing Aids of Texas, that's kind of your brain filling in the gaps that you are not hearing anymore.  You can do that, but - why?  If you can correct it, - why not?

Our customers are our best advertising, when they leave Hearing Aids of Texas we make sure they are 100% satisfied.

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